Do Your Leaders Have What It Takes? Are Your Future Leaders Ready?

Let Scippa & Associates take your organization\’s current leadership to higher levels of performance.  Let us strengthen your next generation of leaders to ensure your organization\’s continued growth and achievement.

The success of the organization relies on the ability of its leaders to inspire, motivate, and bring the vision to life.  We provide support to leaders and emerging leadership through a variety of strategies customized to the specific needs of your organization.  These strategies include:

Executive and Management Coaching We coach and mentor your managers and executives on creating and integrating teams and structures for ongoing learning, development, and effective project management.
Succession Strategies We work with you to develop a plan for leadership succession to ensure there will be a next generation of leaders up to the task of maintaining and improving upon the accomplishments of the current leadership.
Emerging Leader Programs We design and facilitate programs to gain an understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader and develop the skills required for effective leadership.
Professional Development We offer individual coaching, assessments, and group sessions to help your staff reach their peak performance.
Leadership and Management Team Interventions We gain an understanding of the dynamics of struggling departments and develop and implement strategic interventions.
Retirement Transition We offer comprehensive succession and legacy planning through individual and group sessions for smooth retirement transitions.
Management Retreats We design and facilitate specialized retreats to hone management skills.
Assessments Our staff are certified and well versed in a variety of cutting edge assessment tools including the MBTI, DiSC, EQI, StrengthsFinder, and various 360 instruments.