About Us

Our Vision and Philosophy

We are committed to collaborating with our clients to create healthy partnerships, organizations and communities.  We believe that reflecting on our knowledge and experiences, individually and together, will provide the best opportunity for growth and success.

Believers in the value of personal experience for integrated change, we are skilled in the development of adventure-based and action learning programs.

Scippa & Associates has developed a partner and subcontractor cadre of 30+ seasoned professionals supporting audits, assessments, course development and delivery of sessions, retreats and meetings.  Our delivery teams all share in the vision and philosophy for the company.

The cairn of balanced stones that resembles the Scippa & Associates logo icon with reflection

Our logo is based on the Cairn: Cairns are used to mark a place where you need to be or find and also to mark that you are headed in the correct direction. They are also used to let other people know you are okay and are on the right path.

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