Corporate Wellness

Scippa & Associates can help you create an organization wide workplace wellness program. We design comprehensive programs that are beyond the basics, tailored specifically to the individual needs of your staff and your organization.  Our programs are designed to help you reach your peak performance and maintain healthy life. The connection between stress, illness and its impact on the workplace is nothing new, yet people don’t seem to be getting much better at managing it.

Health and Wellness Programs We design sessions to be personal and experiential including the use of self-assessment instruments that will help you to reflect on your habits and environment. We offer sessions as in service lunch and learn segments, ½ day or full day staff retreats. Our “ErgoU” programs are conducted within each staffs work environment to assess and offer ergonomic strategies to eliminate repetitive motion injuries.
Health & Wellness Coaching Spa packages for your brain – We offer Individual or team coaching for ongoing leadership, management and health development support to create the peak performance habits you need.
Personal Stress Assessment Total Life Stress Test* – This instrument measures your physical, environmental, chemical, emotional and social stress. Adapted with permission from the work of Dr. Norm Shealy, this instrument gives you an understanding of the most critical stressors and energy zappers in your life and helps determine your best next steps to greater health and vitality.