Organizational Development

Let Scippa & Associates guide your Organization Development process. Our staff is ready to help you develop, transform and grow. Working at all levels of your organization we can design the interventions best suited for a systematic process of managing change. This work often involves the use of specific assessments that fit your goals, executive coaching and team retreats.

Strategic Planning We coordinate and facilitate all levels of the organization in the development of your strategies. Our staff is highly skilled at helping you determine direction and mobilize a plan from the “thinking” to the steps in action.
Change Management Our approach the ongoing change management efforts needed to keep your organization vital include the use of interviews, needs assessment, cultural audits and curriculum design to direct change management efforts. These efforts typically will include leadership engagements and strategic planning processes.
Culture Change No change management or strategic planning process would be complete without attention to your organization’s culture. We have the tools to help you assess where you are now, envision where you want to be and to formulate the path to engage your staff in the cultural change process.
Organizational Events Need to engage your organization fully in the process of your planning and change objectives? Let us work with you to create events of all sizes that deliver your message and gathers what you need to move your organization forward.